When your clients are triathlete-cyclists who compete at Mt. Marathon every year, you might get a little intimidated about the prospect of keeping up with them, right? Maybe especially before venturing out on a hike while you shoot type engagement session. Right?
I mean…No big deal. HA!
Well I can tell you that I’m thankful that I put in time at Anchorage Cycle all winter long.
Seriously though, I tell my couples to dream big for their engagement sessions and I’m so dang happy when they take me up on that.
Tom & Kelsey chose the Archangel Valley area for their Hatcher Pass engagement session and it took my breath away. I’ve been snow machining (snowmobiling for the non-Alaskans in the room) through this area in the winter, and it is equally as spectacular in the Summer. We spent a few hours exploring and I got home at 1:00am with wet chacos and muddy clothes, hugely happy to be working with these two again for their wedding in November.hatcher pass engagement photos-1hatcher pass engagement photos-3hatcher pass engagement photos-6hatcher pass engagement photos-9hatcher pass engagement photos-10hatcher pass engagement photos-12hatcher pass engagement photos-13hatcher pass engagement photos-15hatcher pass engagement photos-18hatcher pass engagement photos-19hatcher pass engagement photos-21hatcher pass engagement photos-22hatcher pass engagement photos-26hatcher pass engagement photos-27

I knew way before our plane touched down in Sitka that I was going to love it there. The tiny islands and massive trees are exactly the kind of beauty that I could seriously settle down in. There is something ultra-relaxing about that place, while simultaneously being full of adventure. Nic & Steph decided not too long ago that Sitka is the place for them. They sold most of their belongings, packed up their sweet pup and drove to Alaska and then eventually arrived in Sitka where they have put down roots and made their home. It takes some gumption to make that happen you guys…cross country moves and figuring out new jobs and homes is no joke! They do have the benefit of Stephanie’s wonderful Sister & Brother in Law living there, and I came away more than a little jealous of these two sisters who live next door to each other. (Maybe someday my sister will move to Alaska and make all of my dreams come true…Kristen if you’re reading this, that’s a serious hint!)

I probably came across a little TOO eager about their wedding when I first heard from Stephanie as I had been dying to shoot more weddings in Southeast Alaska. Nic & Steph, I’m so thankful to you for allowing me to be the one to capture your amazing Sitka wedding day alongside your wonderful friends and family. I hope my photos do justice to its beauty!
sitka wedding photos-8sitka wedding photos-9sitka wedding photos-11sitka wedding photos-1sitka wedding photos-4sitka wedding photos-5sitka wedding photos-12sitka wedding photos-16sitka wedding photos-17sitka wedding photos-19sitka wedding photos-21sitka wedding photos-22sitka wedding photos-25sitka wedding photos-29sitka wedding photos-30sitka wedding photos-31sitka wedding photos-33sitka wedding photos-35sitka wedding photos-37sitka wedding photos-46sitka wedding photos-47sitka wedding photos-48sitka wedding photos-49sitka wedding photos-51sitka wedding photos-44sitka wedding photos-53sitka wedding photos-57sitka wedding photos-59sitka wedding photos-60sitka wedding photos-64sitka wedding photos-65sitka wedding photos-70sitka wedding photos-66sitka wedding photos-68sitka wedding photos-62sitka wedding photos-75sitka wedding photos-76sitka wedding photos-77sitka wedding photos-79Nic & Stephanie’s reception was held at the Channel Club in Sitka. I can’t say enough about restaurant weddings, you guys. The food is always amazing and it can be such a great setting for an intimate reception. I have been waiting for people to start snatching up some of our beautiful new Anchorage restaurants for their weddings…Williwaw, South, Rustic Goat…think about it, and then call me!!
Sitka Wedding Photos

These days in-home shoots have been speaking to me in a way that is different from all of my other work. I’m sure its because this is the stage of life that I’m in, the stage of playing in the backyard and picking up messes, and babies and home. As a working parent I always feel pulled in too many directions, but having small children means that my heart and mind are first consumed by those little people and all that goes in to caring for them. Not that I’m complaining! I’m constantly reminded that this stage is fleeting. For me, photos that capture the real-ness of our daily life at home are the most meaningful, but they’re hard to come by. {Believe it or not, I don’t have my camera out at home all the time!} I *love* being able to capture those moments for other families.
I met this sweet family last summer when I was shooting a wedding, and a couple of weeks ago I went to their house to spend a little time capturing their family as they welcomed new baby Adam. Little Nina also had me quickly wrapped around her finger…
newborn family photos-6newborn family photos-5newborn family photos-7newborn family photos-8newborn family photos-9newborn family photos-10newborn family photos-14newborn family photos-15newborn family photos-17newborn family photos-19newborn family photos-21newborn family photos-23newborn family photos-25newborn family photos-28I’m hoping to have more time for these shoots in the fall, when the wedding season crazy dies down a little. Email me at ericarosephotography@gmail.com if you want to get one on the calendar!
Anchorage Family Portraits

  • July 14, 2016 - 1:18 pm

    Ellen - I love these, Erica!!
    Maybe next time you are in MN I will hire you for the day. A reason to hang out & amazing photos. Win/win. : ) Miss you!!!

Amy & Jonathan are brand new to Alaska, but they wanted a set of Anchorage engagement photos to share a taste of their new life with friends and family back at home. It is always a bit of an unknown working with people who aren’t locals, how much they are willing to adventure off the beaten path during a photo shoot. Will they be willing to climb up and down rocky terrain…will they be upset if the wind blows their hair around a little bit (or a lot!)…will they be just too dang cold?! I suggested Bird Point because it is one of my favorite backdrops close to Anchorage, knowing full well that it might be a bit of a stretch for a couple from Texas. Well, Amy & Jonathan blew me away with their willingness to go anywhere/do anything during our session and I loved every minute of my time with them exploring the nooks and crannies of Bird PointEngagement - Erica Rose Photography-4Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-3Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-1Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-5Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-7Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-11Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-13Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-14Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-19Engagement - Erica Rose Photography-16

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    Jade Wilson - Well this is just too cool! They look like naturals in their new environment! And his beard is wicked 😉 will he have it for the wedding too? It’s defiantly a statement piece 🙂

Elliot & Page and their friends and family were an absolute dream to work with. I would shoot this wedding with their people over and over again. I’ve shot several Arctic Valley weddings now and I’m becoming convinced that somehow this venue just attracts the best of the best! Tucked right into the mountains outside of Anchorage, it is the perfect spot for people who live to be outdoors. Paige & Elliot’s wedding anniversary will almost always be on Solstice {since this year was a leap year, their wedding was actually the day after solstice!}, and my favorite images were taken at the very end of the night when we got to go capture the newlyweds in those last long rays of the midnight sun. Solstice Wedding
arctic valley wedding photos-12arctic valley wedding photos-14arctic valley wedding photos-15arctic valley wedding photos-16arctic valley wedding photos-18arctic valley wedding photos-3arctic valley wedding photos-24arctic valley wedding photos-23arctic valley wedding photos-26arctic valley wedding photos-28arctic valley wedding photos-30arctic valley wedding photos-33arctic valley wedding photos-36arctic valley wedding photos-39arctic valley wedding photos-40arctic valley wedding photos-44arctic valley wedding photos-45arctic valley wedding photos-47arctic valley wedding photos-53arctic valley wedding photos-54arctic valley wedding photos-55arctic valley wedding photos-63arctic valley wedding photos-65arctic valley wedding photos-58arctic valley wedding photos-4arctic valley wedding photos-60arctic valley wedding photos-61arctic valley wedding photos-67arctic valley wedding photos-79arctic valley wedding photos-68arctic valley wedding photos-71arctic valley wedding photos-73arctic valley wedding photos-74arctic valley wedding photos-75arctic valley wedding photos-77arctic valley wedding photos-97arctic valley wedding photos-98arctic valley wedding photos-89arctic valley wedding photos-88arctic valley wedding photos-87arctic valley wedding photos-91arctic valley wedding photos-96arctic valley wedding photos-99Vendor Team:
Venue: Arctic Valley / Alpenglow Lodge
Florist: Bloomsbury Blooms
Caterer: Masters Catering
Band: Todd Grebe & Cold Country
Bride’s Dress: BHLDN

  • July 7, 2016 - 8:44 am

    Jade Wilson - I so love the beauty that came with the simplicity of this wedding. The bride is stunning! The backdrops are breathtaking and I wish I was invited the salmon looked to die for!